An animated short film about the campaign.

The Quest for Integration

A fun and different investigative journalistic documentary about the Danish asylum system, and how to improve it. Made in collaboration between three asylum seekers and two danes.

Today Productions and the Quest for Integration from Morten Terp on Vimeo.

Speech by activists from the Trampoline House on May 1st, 2012:

1st of May speech given by activists from the Trampoline House on the Anti-Fascist May 1st demonstration under the slogan ‘Work Less – Live More!’ – while some people in Denmark work too much, others wait in camps isolated from society without the right to work, or to live where they want choose. We say, ‘Demand the right to live and work outside asylum centers – for everyone!’

Anti-Fascist May 1 Trampoline House speech from Thomas Elsted on YouTube

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