You can’t imagine what my life is like in the camp. I would like to talk to you and make you understand.

It is a most common choice for the government to place a refugee camp far away in a forest or another abandoned location, far from all and every relation to life. People start living as monks during meditation or as lonesome elderly in a retirement home. A person who was rejected in his country, comes to be rejected a second time and is turned away from the circle of life.

A little to eat is fine, but my mind also needs food. This is what I want from Denmark.

Then going back to your room. Then waiting for lunch in the Sandholm cafeteria. Then going back to your room again. Then waiting for dinner in the Sandholm cafeteria. This day in and day out, not knowing when it will stop. And not going back to your own room, but to a room that you share with maybe 3 or 4 other people who maybe speak languages that you don’t understand, who are maybe not able to sleep at night and are awake when you want to sleep.

Ten years I lived by myself. Now we are four in a small room. I dream of getting my own home in Copenhagen.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was signed and adopted by several countries in Paris, December 10, 1948 Article I says: ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’. Is this true? For some other people it’s just a dream.

I want to meet new people, have a social life, but when I don’t speak the language I’m an alien. How can I learn it, only talking to myself?

Around the world, people seeking asylum arrive in a state of anxiety, after surviving the horrors: wars, massacres, genocides, ambushes, earthquakes, famine, natural disasters, epidemics, harassment, imprisonment, rape, torture, insults, rejection by society because of their religion, ethnicity, tribe, sexual orientation or poverty. Let me mention drought, lack of care for a serious illness, lack of appropriate treatment for an illness or any handicap, but once they arrive to the country of asylum, the first thing that appears in their minds is: ‘Finally it’s over, I will live well.’ Unfortunately it is an error to think this.

Back home I worked with children’s psychology. Now I’m the one who needs a psychiatrist.

The problem starts when we come from Africa, or you come from Afghanistan, or Middle East and you try to get to Europe. We come by various means, we come by plane, by ship, we come by boat. We come through very dangerous paths to get over here for asylum, and the first thing that has been done in the past few years is to try and intercept, to put patrols at the Indian Ocean, at the Canary Islands, in Spain. To try to turn us back.

I’m educated, full of curiosity and ambitions. Here I’m just someone waiting for acceptance.

I am from Sudan. They cannot deport people back to Sudan because it’s dangerous and there is war. I cannot go back. I coorporate with the police. I do not feel like an active person. I get money to eat, but I cannot go outside, I cannot do anything. Now I have stayed for 2 years. I do not feel that I have a life. I cannot do anything. I do the same things every day. I can’t make a family, I can’t do anything. I don’t feel I am alive.

If a person has a problem in his country and comes to Denmark, why does the government feel that his case is fake? Why don’t they believe him?

The government has talked about moving people out of the camps after 6 months, and I think we all agree that this will improve things a lot. I hope that they will make something similar to the Swedish system. In Sweden people are living all over the country, in normal houses with normal neighbors, normal schools and everyday lives. It works in Sweden. They have more than 10 times as many asylum seekers per inhabitant than we do, so I am sure we can make it work!

I have the right to speak. So I’m speaking.

People can only take our rights if we allow them. If we sit down, and allow governments to do whatever, governments can do anything. If we stand up, speak with our voices, with our actions, peacefully we can change something. This is a start. I challenge us. Let’s go for it. This is our year. If it doesn’t happen for us, if it doesn’t happen for you and me, if we are deported or something, we will have done something, right?

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  1. I thought coming here as a claimed developed country,ones life will change for the better,but now its more worse,i regret ever coming to Denmark,were am kept in bush with animals,and four of us in a box called room.Am kept in BROVST,24 hours far away from the capital city,they are killing me psychologically am almost running mad,and i know this is all what the government want for me to be frustrated and go cyclone …It is too sad.

  2. alot of time i feel that iam like slave in denmark . i came before 7 month and moving me and my family to 3 camps . every time asked the employer in red cros and no one answer me !! i hope any one answer me

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