Walk Out of the Camps, May 13

We invite you to join the Walk Out of the Camps:

On May 13 we will walk out of our apartments, houses, and asylum camps and unite in our streets and in our squares!

On May 13 we will demand that the government keep their promise: That asylum seekers be given the right to live and work outside asylum camps!

The government said some – but we demand: all!

We all know that concrete changes for a just and humane asylum system are necessary. That is why we want to make sure the voices of asylum seekers are heard, and that our demand is taken into account. The right to live and work is an important step in the right direction. But we need your support to guarantee that the right is for everyone!

Our Walk Out of the Camps will be a big, peaceful manifestation with the participation of many people from six Danish asylum camps – as well as many other people living in Copenhagen. We need to speak with many voices to be heard – and we need your voice too.

We need to take care of each other, and keep in mind that some of us are in an insecure and sensitive legal situation. Keep up a serious, calm and friendly atmosphere!

The day will be divided in 3 parts. People are welcome to join at any of the 3 locations:

The Walk (9—14)

begins at the asylum camp Kongelunden on Amager, about 16km from Copenhagen. We will literally walk out of the camp and into the city. The walk is historically a strong political way of expression. We encourage everyone who are able to take part in this act. We will bring as much food and water as we can for all the tough walkers out there. Feel free to join the walk along the route as we get closer to the city. See the full route on facebook or the website.

The Meeting (14—16)

will take place on Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square), and here we will welcome the walkers from Kongelunden. There will be speeches and debate, as well as live music and performances. Asylum seekers and other experts in the Danish asylum system will discuss living conditions in the camps and question the asylum system. After having occupied the square for two hours, we will walk peacefully through the city. Along the way we will pay a symbolic visit to Parliament (Christiansborg) and the Danish Refugee Board, and walk to our last stop of the day: Around the Lake.

Around the Lake (17—18)

is the final stage of the day, at Peblinge Sø. We will make a big human circle around the lake as a collective manifestation to show our commitment to building solidarity, consciousness and understanding about the urgent need for a just and humane asylum system.

We need your support for this important day, and to take a real step with us in the right direction. Mobilize the people around you, and spread the word: No to isolated camps! No to nations of isolation!

The campaign does not stop here. Join us in the Trampoline House or on the web:

www.facebook.com - Walk Out of the Camps May 13

Buses are arranged from the asylum centers to Copenhagen and back again.

Buses depart from centers

  • Sandholm 10.00
  • Kongelunden 11.15
  • Auderød 10.30
  • Sigerslev 10.30
  • Avnstrup 10.30
  • Vipperød 10.30

Buses back to the asylum centers depart from Forum Station at 19.00.

Map of the entire route of the day (9.00-19.00):

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